Ready to fill out and print an AV (absentee voter) application for the November 2016 election? Click here!

Drop off your completed application at our township’s utility office, or mail it to: Pentland Township Clerk, PO Box 412, Newberry, MI 49868

Are you registered to vote? Click here to find out!

The Michigan Secretary of State has information for voters here.

Here’s more information about absentee voting.

The Secretary of State spells out your rights and responsibilities as a voter here.

If you have still more questions about voting, the Secretary of State has a list of frequently asked questions about voting here.

Past Election Results:

August 2016 Primary Election

May 2016 TAS Headlee Override and EUP ISD proposals

March 2016 Presidential Primary Results

November 2015 TAS building proposals

May 2014 TAS Headlee Override

February 2014 TAS Headlee Override

November 2013 Sheriff’s millage

TAS=Tahquamenon Area Schools covers cover seven townships.
EUP ISD=Eastern Upper Peninsula Intermediate School District covers the Eastern UP.
Luce County has four townships: Columbus, Lakefield, McMillan, and Pentland.